material: brass & rubber

Thalisman for IN Residence

Spinning tops are the oldest recognizable toys found on archaeological sites, which originating independently in cultures all over the world.

For thousands of years they have intrigued and mystified artists and artisans as well as mathematicians and physicists. Not at least because electrons, the earth, and the largest spiral galaxies can be viewed and studied as spinning tops.

It is a game without loser or winner, engaging both the hand and the mind. Spinning a top creates a poetic moment as it rises to its vertical position, defying gravity - as if time would stand still.

ORBIS is a spinning top hand made from brass and rubber, stained with ground and processed Lapis Lazuli. Widely sought after by architects, artists, and jewelers, the stone has a deep, multicultural history dating back to ancient Mesopotamia. Aside from being shaped, Lapis can also be transformed into the pigment ultramarine, which has been used in some of the most renowned paintings of all time by artists such as Masaccio, Titian, and Vermeer.

In its composition, ORBIS forms a tie between the past and the present. When set in motion, it becomes a silent reminder of the weight at one's fingertips - a talisman keeping time with the gravity and torque of every moment.