Exploring the theme of words and time

"All of a sudden it seemed as if the friends of mine who used to read no longer even apologized for having stopped. A young acquaintance who had been an English major, when I asked her what she was reading, replied: “You mean linear reading? Like when you read a book from start to finish?”
(Jonathan Franzen, extract from essay Why Bother?)

In the age of immediate information retrieval, storytelling goes against the culture of instant gratification. We are conditioned to go straight to the point, without adventures or detours; linear reading, on the other hand, requires time and space for a journey. In this project I focused on the craft of reading, emphasising its durational and spatial aspects. This led to re-envisioning the book as a single continuous line of text and to the investigation of relevant design references such as the wheel, weaving, and technologies of other time-based media.